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Sunday, March 29, 2009
new blog.....LIVE!!!
So you can come back here to reminisce if you really want too, but a new an improved
blog is waiting for you at I hope you enjoy this and like it as much as I do.
Bye bye blogspot, you've sure been good to me!
Thanks to ITDR and Anthony. He led me on a "spiritual journey" of branding to help me find myself. The team there is super and if they can put up with "I want that just a little bigger, no, I don't know how many pixels...just a little bit" then you know they are patient and well just...rockstars.
Tuesday, March 24, 2009
Rebecca & Lucas: esesh tease
Just one from our esesh in Texas, hello gorgeous!!
More on the way!!
Carrie & Malav
Guess who's getting married this weekend?? Carrie and Malav are!!!
This is one of the most exciting weddings of the year for me. They are having a Hindu ceremony and a Christian ceremony, and you know I love some culture!!! This week is so exciting I could die. I got to meet the Maharaj (priest) and will be photographing Carrie's mehndi celebration later this week. I can't think of a cooler couple, with more unique backgrounds that will be uniting this weekend. I am crazy about Carrie and Malav is pretty amazing too ;)

Monday, March 23, 2009
Michelle & Ted


I met Ted and Michelle through a bride from 07- Erin James (Wilson)- I don't know for sure if she hyphenates. Erin is Ted's sister, and had contacted me about shooting this wedding, but I was booked already. I was totally flattered and excited to shoot their engagement session for them. I really love these two. They really play well off of each other and were really just an easy couple to spend time with. After the session I was sad to know I won't get to see them married!!! They have been dating for some time and Ted finally popped the question and totally took Michelle by surprise. When guys pull that off, I am totally amazed! I wish them the best of luck in May!!
Wednesday, March 18, 2009
Hollie: bsesh
I am soooo behind in blogging!!
Before she gets left behind I had to blog beautiful Hollie's bridal images.
I am trying to catch up today, so Hollie is up first!! I wanted to share something ladies...reason # 2 million why you should do a bridal session. Hollie totally changed the way she did her hair for the wedding. She decided she wanted more hair down after seeing her bridal images. Both ways beautiful, but she had time to see it and make another decision.
Here she is...

my favorite image of the day!!!

Thursday, March 12, 2009
hollie + eddie

My dear friend and former hair stylist Nicci (Stella Nova, Summerville) referred this awesome bride, Hollie to me. Nicci does Hollie's hair and did my and Billy's hair, until we moved away. Hollie and Eddie were married on Valentines Day and despite the semi-crummy weather, had a fabulous wedding and reception.