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Tuesday, September 30, 2008
who me ???
I was flattered and shocked and excited when Mary Dolan contacted me about featuring me in Iris, a local magazine for women. At first I was thinking "me...why"???
She and Chris Moore spend a morning with me talking love and passion and photo and how this crazy chaotic life of mine has brought me to where I am now.
Thank you Mary for being such a wildly talented and passionate writer. And thank you Chris for not making me look like a schmuck ;)
Here is the pdf (kinda big, but worth it) if you haven't seen the paper copy.

the link:


ashley c
Ashley is now married so I can share some of her bridal portraits.
I can't say enough about Ashley and what she means to me. It has been an absolute pleasure getting to know her and being able to share this part of her life with her.


Monday, September 29, 2008
candice + larry

Candice and Larry are too much fun. An awesome couple with an awesome family- and a fabulous future in store for them.
They were married in North, South Carolina. The first time I had been TO North. My only knowledge of North was flying (in a C-17) over it when I was stationed at Charleston AFB (1CTCS).
Candice and I have become friends through all the wedding planning and I must say she still calls/emails just to say hi and I love it!! I can't wait for a date night with you guys!!


Thursday, September 25, 2008
First, about Project Runway.
I have to say that Kenley acted just bad last night.
I totally lost respect for her and have switched my loyalty ;)

2nd, I saw Sex and the City FINALLY last night.
Had to take a break. Billy and I had to unwind with some old friends ;)
The language and sexual content on the show is kind of not my gig anymore, but it was sure great to see that movie finally.

3rd, here is Hayden!
A beautiful 6 month old, that was possibly my easiest 6-monther yet.

I love this one. The bubble looks like it is on the tip of her finger.

My favorite!


Tuesday, September 23, 2008
epidurals and PR
"How's your back?"- on everyone's mind...

last week I had my first "treatment"...hmmm.
It felt like a movie/ or daydream. Something I couldn't really grasp at the time.

First my friend Stacy has had steroid epidurals in her neck for spinal cord injuries she got while in she is my go to girl for all things scary and needly. ;)
She insisted that I get sedated (take a prescribed Valium an hour before) and that would make the whole thing much better/easier.
So... I went in for my first visit....what I thought was a consultation.
So he says "wanna get a treatment today??". I was like wow...this is totally different than how Stacy described it. No valium needed...yippee right!!

Anywho, went from a quiet little exam room with a great view to what was like an operating room with a bunch of medical professionals (ie- I have no idea who everyone was).
They had me lay down on a table (with my flats still on mind you)...and 5 min later it was done.
It wasn't THAT bad, but it wasn't good either.
They have scope guided needles so they can see exactly where the bad disc is to hit with the steroid epidural.
The worst part was when told I was done, I got up and my whole upper body tingled. Not in a good way. Like from the tip of my nose to my finger tips. My pulse dropped from 100 to 50...Who knows why..but I felt like a real weenie at the time.
Would I do it
Ha!! Have another appointment in a week and 1/2.
Am I getting the valium?? I don't know yet.
What would YOU do??
My appointment is early, so i would be druggy most of the day..and i have 2 toddlers that would run circles around me.

Valium or not?? Comments please!! Would love to hear anyones opinions...stories if you have had this treatment done...Did it work??

OH and tonight...PROJECT RUNWAY! I love Kenley, Korto, and Jerell!!
And mostly, I love you Tim Gunn, you make my Wednesdays marvelous!!


my mom (and juliet)
So my dad seems to be totally recovered from his eye injury.
He still cannot read, but he is back to 20/80 and that is nothing short of a MIRACLE.
Maybe he will see it as a miracle...I don't. I just wanted to say thank you for your prayers...he appreciates them, as do I!!

My mom..
so yesterday was 14 years since her mastectomy.
Wow does time fly. I remember getting the call...remember the heartache.
My heart goes out to Juliet, a dear friend of mine whose Mom is dealing with a horrible
bout with cancer right now. It has spread through her body and has attacked her brain.
Please pray for her, her mom and her dad. I will lift them up constantly.
Love you Juliet!!

Love you Mom- your MY survivor- my inspiration!!
Love you Dad- I pray for you, you silly, wonderful, stubborn man, you!!!


Monday, September 22, 2008
demetra & john
I have to add...I have a certain respect for the high heel women of the world.
I have secretly always wished I was one. I am not. I have long skinny feet and end up with blisters from most shoes in the end, sexy- high one for sure!! You know the funny thing is my husband would do flips if I wore heels all the time...but I have gotten used to the fact I am not a heels em, but they don't love me.
Okay the pictures already...
Demetra is many wonderful things...beautiful, funny, strong, Greek.
I met her through a crazy chain of events...Tim Cebulski and I met at the Bridal Fair in Columbia...he told an engaged associate about me (Stephanie...her e-sesh pics were just a few sessions ago)...her best friend is Demetra...
Demetra and John were hilarious, crazy, sexy. I could have shot them all night long. John you're a lucky man!! Love this woman;)


Wednesday, September 17, 2008
ashley + tim
My job is so awesome because it allows me to meet tons of different types of people every year. I keep in contact with many of my clients and that is something I really enjoy. This year I had the pleasure of meeting Ashley C.
She and I were fast friends....super fast. I don't know if it is because we are Ashley's or blondes or because we are married to analytical men and are silly goofs ourselves?? Who knows....who cares really. I just know that I love her to pieces and can't wait to see her again. Ashley is the girl I would stay up all night laughing with at a slumber party- the girl I would get detention for "being chatty" get the point. Here are a few of my favorites from her beeeeeuuuuutiful wedding.
By the way Crabtree and Billy are signing up for some shag lessons!!
Maybe we will have a dance off at the beach next year ;)

Ashley warding off the "paps" (paparazzi)

Ashley is left alone...looking for her dad.

here he comes....

Mr. C might just Kill me for this one...but I love it...right before they walked into the church.

This has to be the image that makes me laugh every time I see it.