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Wednesday, January 14, 2009
aubrey & jason: wedding

Aubrey and Jason were married just 2 days after Christmas. I was so blessed to meet them when I did and to be asked to shoot this wedding for them. Aubrey is such an awesome friend and bride. She was a treat to be around, get texts from, and to talk on the phone with.
Christmasy weddings are awesome. Everyone feels festive and loving and everything is still decorated for the holidays, and the new year is right around the corner. It was just a magical day/night. Aubrey and I have decided there just can't be gorgeous South Carolina weather when we plan a session together. Her bridal session was the gloomiest, and cloudiest day ever...she didn't let me down...we made the best of it. The esesh was the cloudiest, windiest day...same thing...they rocked it. Then the wedding was overcast, and there was this weird misty, foggy, haze that just covered everything. It added to the excitement and to what we had known of our sessions together. You give me lemons, I will make lemonade..or a lemon drop, or sweet tea with lemon...whatever you need ;) Aubrey and Jason, you guys are so awesome...I am soooo glad we met. BTW, Jason sang to her during their first dance...he had their song recorded in the studio and surprised it! Then he did a karaoke song to her...I need to post her reaction, that just reminded me...well enjoy!!!
Monday, January 12, 2009
sunday, sunday
The bridal show seemed to be a huge success...great weather, huge crowd, gorgeous smiling faces and quite a few guys showed too...always a huge fan of that!
Here is a pic of the booth...and a shot of me gabbing it up with the awesome and beautiful Laurin. She and Carrie came and shot the breeze with me and Jules and it was so nice to see them! Carrie was shocked and surprised to see a wedding package named after her! You never know what kind of legacy you will leave with me ladies;)

ps. yes that is Juliet hiding from the camera. She doesn't like to be on the other end of the camera, even though she is a total stunner ;) Thanks for coming out and chatting with the masses with me. Your charisma and friendship is priceless, I am so glad we are friends!
Wednesday, January 7, 2009
Come see me at the bridal fair!!!
SUNDAY be there, or be church ;) Come after church. Coastal Breeze, my favorite party band will be there too, along with hundreds of other vendors. Just $5. From 12-5. Juliet and I will be there talking it up and meeting all you soon to be "Mrs." of 2009.
Here is just a few images from 2008. Thank you to all my Gorgeous, Awesome, Funny, Smart, Sexy, Fashionable, and Wonderful brides of 2008. Thank you Jill, Cristina, Lizzy, Sara Beth, Corey, Lynn, Sarah, Rhonda, Jessica, Kate, Heather, Jessie, Jennifer, Ashley, Candice, Micah, Ellide, Lee, Telissa, Dana, Demetra, Sara, Ginny, Meghan, and Aubrey! You ladies helped make this a fabulous and blessed year. I love this job, and hopefully helped make a few brides feel gorgeous last year. Here's to fabulous, glamorous, but super fun 2009!!!!
meghan + ranse: wedding
This wedding had to include tons of great reception shots. They had one of the craziest, dancingest...not a word..but they were like dance fighting...girls vs guys. My face hurt from smiling and laughing all night. Meghan and Ranse hired one of the BEST BANDS I have heard in ages, maybe ever. They were great...and I wasn't buzzed. Been to many weddings, then you know what I mean. Meghan and Ranse are the friends everyone wants to have...the couple you want to double with. I had no idea from our phone calls and emails..and her bridal sesh...this girl loves to dance and I am so glad she found me...GO BRIDAL FAIR!!

If you wondered...some of the pics were sorority traditions...and there was a "kung fu" theme going all the kick picture...well if you were there you might know. You might have been there and still thinking what the....