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Wednesday, May 28, 2008
cristina + jason

Here are a few from the wedding of Cristina and Jason.
You can see her bridal portraits and their engagement portraits on the blog too.
I love a wedding with a soul train line!!!!
Cristina is just stunning...Jason..well he is pretty stunning too ;)
Let's just say I can't wait to see the babies these two make!!


Wednesday, May 21, 2008
lizzie + jonathan

Lizzie and Jonathan were married in Fort Mill at the Dairy Barn. Sometimes you get those clients that just get seem to get is like a union- all around. I love when that happens.
I came across a website that had Lizzie's name written all over it!!
So she got the veil and I shot one of my all time favorite bridal sessions....rain, yellow boots, and all!!
Her and Jonathan harmonize on all levels. I can't describe how much I loved this wedding.


american idol
I don't know what makes me more sad....that Syesha went home or that the season is almost over. Sad as that may sound...I don't really care ;)
So is it David or David???

Or bigger who are you going to see Sex and the City with??? GUSH!!!!
Another of my guilty pleasures...a little crass, but fascinating all the same.
Going to turn that into a date night this weekend I think. My hubby is many things to and for buddy, confidant, flirt, masseuse, chef and he watched every episode with me.
The dvds got me through the hot nights and hotter days in Iraq..... When I wanted to forget I was sweating my butt off with the the "guys" in Najaf.....SJP would come to my rescue!!!

I am adding a few pics I took while in Najaf. Posts are pointless (and boring) without pics, huh!!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008
jill + kevin

Jill & Kevin were married in April...I am a little behind on sneak peeks...
my computer is in Charlotte....the "LOCAL" apple store. It is new...and broken..and heartbreaking. And their customer service makes me cry in front of strangers....
Okay on to Jill and Kevin.
They are hilarious. This wedding had it all...a straight jacket, ball & chain and had my face hurting from laughing. The reception was outside and the weather was beautiful!!! A fun couple, period! Those that laugh together, stay together.
Thursday, May 15, 2008

This is Elliott. A senior, a friend, an awesome young adult.
When I asked him his interests he said guitar, long boarding, and.......Betty :)
This is such a fun and crazy age, I am loving seniors!!!
For all who know me...I have been coined as having "Ashley-isms" so here is one I told Elliott.
"the people that have it 'all figured out' right away, usually end up having a mid-life-crisis....for the rest of us, 18 is our crisis"
get it out of the way now!!!!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008
sara & barrett

Here are some of my favorites from my "date" with Sara & Barrett :)
I thank my lucky stars I met these two. I really love spending time with them.
They are progressive, fun, and educated....and they can laugh at me....and themselves.
Hope you like!