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Wednesday, May 21, 2008
american idol
I don't know what makes me more sad....that Syesha went home or that the season is almost over. Sad as that may sound...I don't really care ;)
So is it David or David???

Or bigger who are you going to see Sex and the City with??? GUSH!!!!
Another of my guilty pleasures...a little crass, but fascinating all the same.
Going to turn that into a date night this weekend I think. My hubby is many things to and for buddy, confidant, flirt, masseuse, chef and he watched every episode with me.
The dvds got me through the hot nights and hotter days in Iraq..... When I wanted to forget I was sweating my butt off with the the "guys" in Najaf.....SJP would come to my rescue!!!

I am adding a few pics I took while in Najaf. Posts are pointless (and boring) without pics, huh!!