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Saturday, August 23, 2008
heather + brian

Heather and Brian were married at beautiful Methodist church outside of Sumter. Heather was so relaxed it was uncanny. Her laugh is contagious and so is her spirit! Her bridesmaids were so much fun...lots of nurses in the bunch- including Heather!! This was the one day I thought if we have an emergency, we are in good hands ;) There were a bunch I wanted to blog...I love the shots of heather waiting to walk down the aisle-seeing her dad. It kept sprinkling but no one cared. I cannot tell you how much birdseed went down my was in my scalp and shoes...everywhere. I can't imagine how much Brian and Heather went away with!!

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Tuesday, August 19, 2008
tuesday, some pics & news

Some news...first the bad.

My aunt Sherry had a terrible accident on Saturday and was thrown off a horse while riding on a mini-vacation in Kentucky. She and my uncle Dan were trying to get away from it all and were spending the day horse back riding. She was thrown from her horse and broke 5 ribs, one punctured her lung, a broken clavicle and broken shoulder blade. I think that is it...could it be much worse? She is a teacher and starts school very soon and is in intensive care in Kentucky. My mom drove to see her today. Please send her your thought and prayers for a speedy recovery. She is in a lot of pain. My family and I really, really appreciate it!!

My dad...he is doing so much better!!! He saw the retina specialist and his retina is NOT TORN OR DETACHED!! No more surgery as of right now. His vision is at 20/50. He said it is really fuzzy, but fuzzy is something right!!!
I told him people were praying for him. He said, oh really like who. I said you wouldn't believe all the people that had emailed and stopped me different places. He was astonished. I told him that people really do care and church is different these days. He seemed more open to it...unusually open to what i was saying... thank you so much! I am so grateful/thankful to know so many caring/giving generous people!!

My computer is still on vacation down in Charleston. So I guess the video card was bad and is being swapped out..whenever that arrives. fingers crossed.

Betsy was stung by a wasp on her head poor baby.
So we had a swim party to get her mind off of it!!
...and yes in the Brokop house clothing is optional for swimming..if you are 3 and under that is ;)


Monday, August 18, 2008
stephanie & jesse

Stephanie, Jesse and I had a little date on one of the hottest afternoons of the summer...but it doesn't really convey in their photos. Stephanie is smokin' and all I hear is the song "Jessie's Girl"...playing over and over...maybe even tormenting know how those 80's songs can do that.
We stopped at an outdoor pub, and after that Jesse and I were BFF I think ;)
Thanks for staying gorgeous, even in the heat guys!!!


Thursday, August 14, 2008
an apple a day....
Here is an update in what's going on in my crazy life.

1. Computer is down...down figuratively and down literally in Charleston.
I don't know what is wrong card is bad- that was my mini- prognosis from my "genius" Joe last night. I have purchased an apple...lemon really.
My harddrive and power supply were bad and had to be replaced in May...bought it in Jan.
Who needs lower gas prices Columbia!!!! We need an APPLE STORE!
I had driven TWICE to Charlotte to pick it to Charleston to have it serviced. Thank heavens for the new King Street store!!

2. Dad is doing better. He sees a retina specialist on Friday. What he can see through his "bad" eye he can see a string or something and they (docs) told him that is either a tear in his retina or his retina is detached. So if so... more eye surgery.
Thanks for your thoughts and prayers. I can't express how much I appreciate it. Not to get on a soapbox..but my dad isn't saved...and I was hoping this experience would help him "see" if you know what I mean. Okay...keep praying for that!

3. Wesley- 3year old is completely potty trained. Last night on the way to Charleston he started yelling that he had to "go" so I did what any mom would do...let him go in the shoulder on 26;) An SCDOT guy pulled up and thought we had a flat...that was semi-embarrassing!!

4. Only one bag of trash today. Still recycling our butts off.

5. quick question..would love some opinions ;)
should we retire in Columbia or Charleston. I would love to hear where and why.

Posts with pics coming soon!!


Wednesday, August 6, 2008
kate + j.w.

Kate and JW were married in Cheraw, SC. This was my first trip to Cheraw and it was a nice surprise to say the least. What a gorgeous and historic little town...pure Americana.
Kate and her sister Melanie are so much fun. I am so glad to have been chosen to shoot this wedding. When Melanie is involved..the wedding is bound to be fun!! She was a bridesmaid in a wedding I shot in November. She had me at hello;)
Right about the time that I tried to grab Kate and JW for some romantic time started to storm. And boy did it storm. A bolt of lighting sounded like it hit the church and the power went out. This was a first for me. I think we "worked it out" regardless of the weather. You guys were so much fun!!