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Saturday, August 23, 2008
heather + brian

Heather and Brian were married at beautiful Methodist church outside of Sumter. Heather was so relaxed it was uncanny. Her laugh is contagious and so is her spirit! Her bridesmaids were so much fun...lots of nurses in the bunch- including Heather!! This was the one day I thought if we have an emergency, we are in good hands ;) There were a bunch I wanted to blog...I love the shots of heather waiting to walk down the aisle-seeing her dad. It kept sprinkling but no one cared. I cannot tell you how much birdseed went down my was in my scalp and shoes...everywhere. I can't imagine how much Brian and Heather went away with!!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...
Beautiful photo's as always!

Anonymous Anonymous said...
i love these, especially the one of the girl getting her hair sprayed! haha! you caught that at a perfect moment! :-)