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Friday, October 31, 2008
dana + jason
Here are some of my favorites from the wedding of Dana and Jason. They were married at the Rutledge Chapel and the reception was at City Art, both in Columbia. I had the pleasure of shooting an engagement session and a bridal session for this couple and that is my favorite way to do things. I want to post some bridal shots next...

This was a huge party with lots of dancing and laughing and fun. Brides can only dream and cross their fingers for a full dance floor...and Dana got it.
Happy Halloween everyone!!
Costumed children are calling me ;)
(sorry my name is so big on the corners of some of these...I had to do this quick tonight)

Friday, October 24, 2008
emily & rob
Emily is a super excited, gorgeous, down for anything bride that does her homework and knows what she wants.
She wanted to do her esesh at the fair. We had talked about doing it at the Sumter fair...but God bless it...that didn't work and boy am I glad...another story for another post maybe;)
So Emily was a first for me this year...(okay Lizzy and I talked dresses too;)
But....Emily let me help choose HER WEDDING DRESS. I could cry or laugh or scream. I was so dang excited to be a part of the planning and vision of this wedding.
I might be more excited about this wedding than Emily? Okay a close 2nd :)
Rob was a doll to put up with our silliness and excitement. Not to mention my silly law/lawyer jokes. He passed the bar this summer and we are so proud of him!!! I am going to keep him on speed dial if things get sticky with the feds...jk!!
Emily is so cute I could kiss the way..I finished that corn dog she was eating, and it was a little slice of deep fried heaven ;)
oh yeah...the dog she won (she really won first try!!)well Wesley sleeps with that dog every night, rain or in closing, my children thank you!!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008
becca : senior
I don't do a lot of seniors...but I love them!! If only my senior pictures were this cute (if I do say so myself ;). I will scan one of mine just to show...they are terrible. For anyone out there wondering- I do not use styrofoam numbers - ie '09. I don't use lattice, or anything else that should not be available for purchase ANYMORE!!!
I want the pictures I take to show what you were like in 12th grade...whether funny, serious, sassy, sporty, smart whatever. You get the point. I want you to look back and think "darn I sure was..._______."

Here is Becca, a senior. These are only a few...I know there are a few similar shots...but darn this girl is cute!!
Back to sweet Becca. She is shy, but not shy...but sassy all at once. I just want to squeeze her. This is just a peek of a few of my favorites as I was editing.


Monday, October 20, 2008
telissa + chris
I promised Telissa a blog post by Sunday night. I realize it is 27 min after midnight...but I have not slept yet, so it is still Sunday night ;)
I will post more...but for now here are a few.
The house is quiet...just me and Jill Scott. She and I have been getting reacquainted tonight. I have missed her here lately;)

Telissa, there are tons more coming. These are just a few of my favorites.
You are so beautiful, but I don't have to tell you that...happy Sabbath, happy Sunday ;)