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Friday, June 27, 2008
corey + devin

Corey and Devin were married in Litchfield Beach.
They flew in from L.A. to be married in a location that would be unique and memorable for their wedding.
Corey is one of my first brides, in a long time, that I met the morning of the wedding.
I usually don't prefer it...but thanks to myspace and email....I felt like we had been friends forever.
She is beautiful with such a quick wit....I felt like I had known her "since we were kids".
Devin is super sweet and talented to boot. He has his own cartoon that he and one of his groomsmen created, do the voices for...etc.


Thursday, June 26, 2008
my love affair....
So if you don't know me, you won't know that I had/have a sort of love affair with running. It might have even been borderline overboard at times. But that is how love is.
I ran when I was stressed, happy, sad, overwhelmed, needed time to was time for me, and I loved it.
...the love affair has taken a hiatus.
In April I hurt my lower back..trying to pick Betsy up..without bending- you know, the way gym teachers/health providers always warn about.
So doc said it was ligament....waited 6 weeks...still ran a little...went back to the an MRI...found out I have herniated discs.
So the last time I ran was last week...don't tell ;) and it was really painful...

I see these New Balance commercials and they make me want to cry...
the "so I broke up with running" ones .

More background. My husband and I were not fit when we met...neither of us.
We didn't work out....we weighed a bunch more...wore much bigger clothes, etc.
So Bill got a new job where he was in charge of his squadron's PT (work out) program. He HAD to run....started seeing changes...ran more..pushed other people...etc.

I got accepted to Combat Camera...HAD to run...saw changes....ran more etc.

So we run together...I was super pregnant...but I would run behind him...pushing Wesley in the running stroller sometimes..
Bill runs the Chicago marathon. One of the hardest, proudest moments of his life!!

Point...I love running...WE love running.
I was asked today at physical therapy ..."do you like yoga?"

My running days are not over....

to be continued......

leave a comment if ya feel me!!!


Wednesday, June 25, 2008
sara & mark

Sara & Mark live in Charleston and wanted to have their e-sesh taken where they met, fell in love, dated etc.
They got engaged at the that was our last stop.
Things started getting steamy- then we all got wet!!!
Canon is a lot of great things for me....waterproof is not one of them;)


Monday, June 23, 2008
beach :family
my little pirate!
the making of a birthday cake.

This is my handsome and hilarious brother Tyler, and my sassy little sister, Emily.
Here is Betsy...she could care less about Wes' presents...

My beautiful little birthday boy and my handsome one and only, Billy!!
That is a "go Diego go" cake. Requested about 2 zillion times by Wes.
(l to r) Sister Emily, us, Mom and Dad, (mom holding Betsy..yes she is blinking;) then my brother Tyler and his beautiful wife, Jenna.

So, I hear that some of my blog readers really do enjoy reading about my life and seeing pics of my here you go...Hopefully this will help you guys get to know me better, if you're sure you really want to;) We have a crazy, cooky life...sometimes we have no pants on, sometimes we have bed heads...sometimes we lick the beaters...we dress like pirates and fall and bump our noses (betsy :). This is a look at our vacation...mostly inside stuff. Wesley turned 3 this trip...I think he enjoyed his birthday. We brought a pinata and I think he would sleep with it, if I would let him...he LOOOVES it!