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Thursday, June 26, 2008
my love affair....
So if you don't know me, you won't know that I had/have a sort of love affair with running. It might have even been borderline overboard at times. But that is how love is.
I ran when I was stressed, happy, sad, overwhelmed, needed time to was time for me, and I loved it.
...the love affair has taken a hiatus.
In April I hurt my lower back..trying to pick Betsy up..without bending- you know, the way gym teachers/health providers always warn about.
So doc said it was ligament....waited 6 weeks...still ran a little...went back to the an MRI...found out I have herniated discs.
So the last time I ran was last week...don't tell ;) and it was really painful...

I see these New Balance commercials and they make me want to cry...
the "so I broke up with running" ones .

More background. My husband and I were not fit when we met...neither of us.
We didn't work out....we weighed a bunch more...wore much bigger clothes, etc.
So Bill got a new job where he was in charge of his squadron's PT (work out) program. He HAD to run....started seeing changes...ran more..pushed other people...etc.

I got accepted to Combat Camera...HAD to run...saw changes....ran more etc.

So we run together...I was super pregnant...but I would run behind him...pushing Wesley in the running stroller sometimes..
Bill runs the Chicago marathon. One of the hardest, proudest moments of his life!!

Point...I love running...WE love running.
I was asked today at physical therapy ..."do you like yoga?"

My running days are not over....

to be continued......

leave a comment if ya feel me!!!


Blogger Ashley said...
Ha...I know what you mean.

I just saw my PT guy yesterday because my hip has been bothering me when I run...I haven't run in a month because of it and come to find out my left leg is shorter than my right. Funny, but not so funny...can't run for at least 2 months! Just as you, I want to be in the love stage of my relationship again! Enjoyed reading.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
I am one of the one's Bill motivates and now I am finding the love of running. There is a yoga show on the oxygen channel called inhale that is a really great workout I do it at least once a week to get my body moving after a hard work out.