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Sunday, December 28, 2008
aubrey: bsesh
So they are married. My last couple of 2008. Aubrey and Jason got married yesterday and it was magical. I don't know if it was the foggy, mystical chill in the air, or because Christmas was just days before. This wedding was awesome in so many ways. It ended my year on such a high note. When a bride hugs you and tells you "I love you", you know you are doing what you are meant to do! Aubrey you know I love you too!! I feel honored and blessed that you chose me and that I can call you a friend. Here are her bridal portraits. She is a bombshell, not to mention creative, inventive, stylish, funny, modern...the girl you want to know and be...



Friday, December 26, 2008
So if you are a friend of mine on facebook then you know that we were totally surprised this week. First I must tell you that Billy was going to get a vasectomy in October. He was "rescheduled" due to stuff happening on the base. Sooooo he got a referral downtown and was going in January. If you can't guess where I am going with this...I felt like poo for a few days and checked the ole calendar. Sure enough...missed that "appointment" by 5 days or so. We "were done", we were happy, we were downsizing to a smaller, greener car. What we want and what God wants are not always the same thing. I love kids, love big families...
I believe that I will be due in August- maybe the end of July. Lucky me, no weddings in either month so far. Gotta be God!!!
So pray for me, I feel pooish still.
oh yeah- I saw a surgeon this week and if I wasn't pregnant I think I would be surgery bound. I really loved this surgeon...he was really positive, young, and gave me some hope.
I am couch bound tonight. It is the day after Christmas and I have to rest up for Aubrey and Jason's wedding tomorrow. You can see their e-sesh last post. I can't wait to post Aubrey's fab b-sesh. She is so smokin, classic perfection, and I mean that!!!
Wednesday, December 17, 2008
Galleries expiring
I am cleaning house!
I have slacked off on keeping up with my online galleries, and my server is full.
I am sending out expiration emails today. If you want to place orders
please do so now! Older sessions/weddings expire close of business TODAY!!
Thank you!!
Monday, December 15, 2008
aubrey & jason: esesh

Aubrey is another of my faves!! I could start a group on facebook and I would call it "BFF brides" ;) I can't wait to post her bridal portraits...2 weeks and I can!! This esesh was WINDY!! We had a few speed bumps trying to have this date of ours. Sushi isn't available until after 4 was super cloudy and windy...but give me lemons...I will make lemonade or a lemon drop...whatever you prefer. Jason even sang with a band, and danced. He is my "bff groom" for sure. I enjoy the poo at of these two and can't wait till the 27th.
Wednesday, December 10, 2008
I am catching up on blogging I promise.
Thank you my loyal, wonderful, friends/viewers out there!!
I have an esesh to post later.
Happy Wednesday!! It's taco night!
sara + mark: wedding
This is a wedding of some dear friends of mine, Sara and Mark. I shot Sara's sisters wedding last year- Alisha...who also married a Mark. Alisha graced my business cards last year. Now it is Sara's turn ;)
This was a gorgeous wedding, with a gorgeous bride. Sara is stunning with no make-up- as you can see from the first few shots. She is just one of those girls..lucky! This wedding was super fun for me. Sara booked me a room and Billy got to come with. He 2nd shot for me and I actually used quite a few of his shots on the blog. The kiss shot is his...sara and mark dancing with a tight crop...
The weather did it's own thing...but we made it work. The Marriott was kind enough to let us roam the halls and shoot wherever we wanted when our trip to the battery was rained out. Thanks Marriott of Charleston, you guys saved the day!
Enjoy ;)