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Friday, December 26, 2008
So if you are a friend of mine on facebook then you know that we were totally surprised this week. First I must tell you that Billy was going to get a vasectomy in October. He was "rescheduled" due to stuff happening on the base. Sooooo he got a referral downtown and was going in January. If you can't guess where I am going with this...I felt like poo for a few days and checked the ole calendar. Sure enough...missed that "appointment" by 5 days or so. We "were done", we were happy, we were downsizing to a smaller, greener car. What we want and what God wants are not always the same thing. I love kids, love big families...
I believe that I will be due in August- maybe the end of July. Lucky me, no weddings in either month so far. Gotta be God!!!
So pray for me, I feel pooish still.
oh yeah- I saw a surgeon this week and if I wasn't pregnant I think I would be surgery bound. I really loved this surgeon...he was really positive, young, and gave me some hope.
I am couch bound tonight. It is the day after Christmas and I have to rest up for Aubrey and Jason's wedding tomorrow. You can see their e-sesh last post. I can't wait to post Aubrey's fab b-sesh. She is so smokin, classic perfection, and I mean that!!!
Anonymous Kimberly Hill said...
You already know but I'll say it again - CONGRATULATIONS! You're such a fabulous mama... God knew what he was doing.

Blogger The Zkiabs said...
Congratulations Bill and Ashley!! We are so excited for you!!! I'll be looking you up on facebook so I can get all of the goods!!