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Friday, November 21, 2008
demetra + john: wedding
Demetra and John were the super sexy couple from a month or so ago.
I love Demetra...LOVE her!! I love her family and the dynamic that they have. Her parents are SOOOOO stinkin cute!! I want to spend a holiday with them so bad!! OPAH!! There were a bunch of things that made this wedding unique...the bouquets! Demetra made them herself!!!
And Demetra and John's first dance was amazing. It was a choreographed dance, but to music that was totally them. I can't for the life of me remember the name of the band...Stephanie or Demetra help me ;)
I think these two are PERFECT for eachother and I am sooooo glad I met them.
These two are the couple you want to double date with...cause the laughs just would never ever end.

the big day
So here is a small look into a birthday with the brokops!!
Wanted to share a few more pics...I was downloading the card from Betsy's birthday and the pictures made me laugh out loud! Look at her crying before she got her cupcake....then the face as she blew out the candles. Of course she didn't wait for the birthday song to end...
I don't know who likes the kitchen and dishes more, her or Wesley. He's my little metrosexual. Oh and for all his grandmas that are reading, that is a good thing ;)

Thursday, November 20, 2008
all about Betsy!!!
As I am posting this my eyes are full of tears...happy tears.
My little baby girl is growing up so fast.
We just celebrated Betsy's 2nd birthday, so I wanted to do a little photo recap. I could have posted 100 more...but you get the point.
Happy Birthday Betsy. I thank God everyday for each day he lets me spend with you. I adore your company, your silly little sense of humor and personality.
I feel so blessed it hurts ;)

(This isn't to take away from how much I love my little Wesley. I will post some recent pics of him soon.)