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Thursday, November 20, 2008
all about Betsy!!!
As I am posting this my eyes are full of tears...happy tears.
My little baby girl is growing up so fast.
We just celebrated Betsy's 2nd birthday, so I wanted to do a little photo recap. I could have posted 100 more...but you get the point.
Happy Birthday Betsy. I thank God everyday for each day he lets me spend with you. I adore your company, your silly little sense of humor and personality.
I feel so blessed it hurts ;)

(This isn't to take away from how much I love my little Wesley. I will post some recent pics of him soon.)
Anonymous Anonymous said...
She is so stinkin' cute!!!! happy birthday betsy!
hey, i love that black shirt. where did you get that? heehee.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
What a Doll Face! I Love all Her Photos. So Adorable when she was a little bit. Some of her photos make me laugh. Too Cute!
May your Family have a Happy Thanksgiving!


Blogger Ashley Brokop said...
Ha Juliet!!!
Maybe we can wear our black shirts tomorrow and be twinkies...ha!! (is that just a northern word...;)

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Betsy's personality certainly shines in these pictures. Each time Ted and I see pictures of the kids, our hearts swell with love and pride. We are so blessed to have you all for our family.

Gammy and Papa

Blogger The Zkiabs said...
Happy 2nd birthday! The pictures are adorable! You all have such a beatiful family. We especially liked the fries picture, that one was for Paul wasn't it?! Happy Thanksgiving!