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Monday, June 23, 2008
beach :family
my little pirate!
the making of a birthday cake.

This is my handsome and hilarious brother Tyler, and my sassy little sister, Emily.
Here is Betsy...she could care less about Wes' presents...

My beautiful little birthday boy and my handsome one and only, Billy!!
That is a "go Diego go" cake. Requested about 2 zillion times by Wes.
(l to r) Sister Emily, us, Mom and Dad, (mom holding Betsy..yes she is blinking;) then my brother Tyler and his beautiful wife, Jenna.

So, I hear that some of my blog readers really do enjoy reading about my life and seeing pics of my here you go...Hopefully this will help you guys get to know me better, if you're sure you really want to;) We have a crazy, cooky life...sometimes we have no pants on, sometimes we have bed heads...sometimes we lick the beaters...we dress like pirates and fall and bump our noses (betsy :). This is a look at our vacation...mostly inside stuff. Wesley turned 3 this trip...I think he enjoyed his birthday. We brought a pinata and I think he would sleep with it, if I would let him...he LOOOVES it!


Blogger Debbie Joline said...
You are an awesome photographer!!

Anonymous Anonymous said...
How Adorable look at wesley and Betsy. His hat is so cute!!!
And Betsy is so precious!! I enjoy seeing your children. Thanks for sharing them.

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