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Wednesday, October 22, 2008
becca : senior
I don't do a lot of seniors...but I love them!! If only my senior pictures were this cute (if I do say so myself ;). I will scan one of mine just to show...they are terrible. For anyone out there wondering- I do not use styrofoam numbers - ie '09. I don't use lattice, or anything else that should not be available for purchase ANYMORE!!!
I want the pictures I take to show what you were like in 12th grade...whether funny, serious, sassy, sporty, smart whatever. You get the point. I want you to look back and think "darn I sure was..._______."

Here is Becca, a senior. These are only a few...I know there are a few similar shots...but darn this girl is cute!!
Back to sweet Becca. She is shy, but not shy...but sassy all at once. I just want to squeeze her. This is just a peek of a few of my favorites as I was editing.


Blogger Stephanie said...
I love the one where she is wearing the fuzzy hooded coat! Also, you know my mom would love the motorcycle one! :P

Anonymous heather feus said...
I wish someone like you would have taken my senior pictures. I sat down by the big "96" and the traditional black drape. You really know how to capture the real person!!

Blogger The Birds Nest said...
My favorite is the one where she is wearing the hooded coat. She's beautiful in all of them, but really wow! in that one.