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Tuesday, August 19, 2008
tuesday, some pics & news

Some news...first the bad.

My aunt Sherry had a terrible accident on Saturday and was thrown off a horse while riding on a mini-vacation in Kentucky. She and my uncle Dan were trying to get away from it all and were spending the day horse back riding. She was thrown from her horse and broke 5 ribs, one punctured her lung, a broken clavicle and broken shoulder blade. I think that is it...could it be much worse? She is a teacher and starts school very soon and is in intensive care in Kentucky. My mom drove to see her today. Please send her your thought and prayers for a speedy recovery. She is in a lot of pain. My family and I really, really appreciate it!!

My dad...he is doing so much better!!! He saw the retina specialist and his retina is NOT TORN OR DETACHED!! No more surgery as of right now. His vision is at 20/50. He said it is really fuzzy, but fuzzy is something right!!!
I told him people were praying for him. He said, oh really like who. I said you wouldn't believe all the people that had emailed and stopped me different places. He was astonished. I told him that people really do care and church is different these days. He seemed more open to it...unusually open to what i was saying... thank you so much! I am so grateful/thankful to know so many caring/giving generous people!!

My computer is still on vacation down in Charleston. So I guess the video card was bad and is being swapped out..whenever that arrives. fingers crossed.

Betsy was stung by a wasp on her head poor baby.
So we had a swim party to get her mind off of it!!
...and yes in the Brokop house clothing is optional for swimming..if you are 3 and under that is ;)


Anonymous Anonymous said...
That has to be the most Adorable picture of Betsy ever! And Mr.Wesley is the Daddy Mac!!
I will keep your family in my prayers! And please kiss Betsy's wasp sting from the pack girls.
She sure has had her fair share of mishaps. I do hope to see you all soon.

Elizabeth Pack

Blogger Erin said...
Goodness, your family has had it's share of trauma this year, hasn't it?! I'm so sorry for your aunt, and will think of her. Glad to know your dad is doing well too. 20/50 is great considering what that eye went through!

Looks like Wesley got a new haircut recently. Love it!! What a fun summer day outdoors. I know the kiddos had a blast!!