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Thursday, August 14, 2008
an apple a day....
Here is an update in what's going on in my crazy life.

1. Computer is down...down figuratively and down literally in Charleston.
I don't know what is wrong card is bad- that was my mini- prognosis from my "genius" Joe last night. I have purchased an apple...lemon really.
My harddrive and power supply were bad and had to be replaced in May...bought it in Jan.
Who needs lower gas prices Columbia!!!! We need an APPLE STORE!
I had driven TWICE to Charlotte to pick it to Charleston to have it serviced. Thank heavens for the new King Street store!!

2. Dad is doing better. He sees a retina specialist on Friday. What he can see through his "bad" eye he can see a string or something and they (docs) told him that is either a tear in his retina or his retina is detached. So if so... more eye surgery.
Thanks for your thoughts and prayers. I can't express how much I appreciate it. Not to get on a soapbox..but my dad isn't saved...and I was hoping this experience would help him "see" if you know what I mean. Okay...keep praying for that!

3. Wesley- 3year old is completely potty trained. Last night on the way to Charleston he started yelling that he had to "go" so I did what any mom would do...let him go in the shoulder on 26;) An SCDOT guy pulled up and thought we had a flat...that was semi-embarrassing!!

4. Only one bag of trash today. Still recycling our butts off.

5. quick question..would love some opinions ;)
should we retire in Columbia or Charleston. I would love to hear where and why.

Posts with pics coming soon!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...
of COURSE charleston!!!!
you would be near the ocean, beautiful backdrops for photos, you'd be in the wedding capital of the usa, great restaurants, and of course near fantabulously cool people like me! heehee. :-)