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Wednesday, January 14, 2009
aubrey & jason: wedding

Aubrey and Jason were married just 2 days after Christmas. I was so blessed to meet them when I did and to be asked to shoot this wedding for them. Aubrey is such an awesome friend and bride. She was a treat to be around, get texts from, and to talk on the phone with.
Christmasy weddings are awesome. Everyone feels festive and loving and everything is still decorated for the holidays, and the new year is right around the corner. It was just a magical day/night. Aubrey and I have decided there just can't be gorgeous South Carolina weather when we plan a session together. Her bridal session was the gloomiest, and cloudiest day ever...she didn't let me down...we made the best of it. The esesh was the cloudiest, windiest day...same thing...they rocked it. Then the wedding was overcast, and there was this weird misty, foggy, haze that just covered everything. It added to the excitement and to what we had known of our sessions together. You give me lemons, I will make lemonade..or a lemon drop, or sweet tea with lemon...whatever you need ;) Aubrey and Jason, you guys are so awesome...I am soooo glad we met. BTW, Jason sang to her during their first dance...he had their song recorded in the studio and surprised it! Then he did a karaoke song to her...I need to post her reaction, that just reminded me...well enjoy!!!