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Monday, September 22, 2008
demetra & john
I have to add...I have a certain respect for the high heel women of the world.
I have secretly always wished I was one. I am not. I have long skinny feet and end up with blisters from most shoes in the end, sexy- high one for sure!! You know the funny thing is my husband would do flips if I wore heels all the time...but I have gotten used to the fact I am not a heels em, but they don't love me.
Okay the pictures already...
Demetra is many wonderful things...beautiful, funny, strong, Greek.
I met her through a crazy chain of events...Tim Cebulski and I met at the Bridal Fair in Columbia...he told an engaged associate about me (Stephanie...her e-sesh pics were just a few sessions ago)...her best friend is Demetra...
Demetra and John were hilarious, crazy, sexy. I could have shot them all night long. John you're a lucky man!! Love this woman;)


Anonymous Anonymous said...
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Anonymous Anonymous said...
woohoohoohoo! sexy pics girl!
these are great!

Blogger The Birds Nest said...
Super sexy pics!! You can feel their connection through your pics. That is what makes you ROCK!!