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Tuesday, September 30, 2008
who me ???
I was flattered and shocked and excited when Mary Dolan contacted me about featuring me in Iris, a local magazine for women. At first I was thinking "me...why"???
She and Chris Moore spend a morning with me talking love and passion and photo and how this crazy chaotic life of mine has brought me to where I am now.
Thank you Mary for being such a wildly talented and passionate writer. And thank you Chris for not making me look like a schmuck ;)
Here is the pdf (kinda big, but worth it) if you haven't seen the paper copy.

the link:


Blogger Ronda Smith said...
Ashley, I think they painted you very well. Congratulations on being honored in IRIS with such a great spread.

I love the pictures of my daughter's wedding you have in your Blog...especially of Channing! Thank you for telling the story of those we cherish so amazingly!
God bless...Ronda Smith

Blogger Debbie Joline said...
I love the article. I'm so proud of you!! Your work is so creative and unique. I love you, Sweetie Pie!!

Blogger Debbie Joline said...
I hope this comment will post. I'm trying to get set up in google. Love and kisses to you!!

Blogger Debbie Joline said...
I printed the article to show everyone. It's wonderful!

Blogger Hilary said...
So before I even read the article, I want to answer your question, "me...why?"... because people like me look at your blog daily and are inspired by your passion that shows through your work! I can't wait for you to capture our wedding and share our passion with us!

Anonymous Anonymous said...
you go wo wo wo wo girlie!
that's a great article and i love that shot of you! so cute.
i think it's very exciting!!

Who me? Yes YOU! Couldn't be... then who?!?!!!

You are amazing and you know it!
Love you!