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Tuesday, September 23, 2008
epidurals and PR
"How's your back?"- on everyone's mind...

last week I had my first "treatment"...hmmm.
It felt like a movie/ or daydream. Something I couldn't really grasp at the time.

First my friend Stacy has had steroid epidurals in her neck for spinal cord injuries she got while in she is my go to girl for all things scary and needly. ;)
She insisted that I get sedated (take a prescribed Valium an hour before) and that would make the whole thing much better/easier.
So... I went in for my first visit....what I thought was a consultation.
So he says "wanna get a treatment today??". I was like wow...this is totally different than how Stacy described it. No valium needed...yippee right!!

Anywho, went from a quiet little exam room with a great view to what was like an operating room with a bunch of medical professionals (ie- I have no idea who everyone was).
They had me lay down on a table (with my flats still on mind you)...and 5 min later it was done.
It wasn't THAT bad, but it wasn't good either.
They have scope guided needles so they can see exactly where the bad disc is to hit with the steroid epidural.
The worst part was when told I was done, I got up and my whole upper body tingled. Not in a good way. Like from the tip of my nose to my finger tips. My pulse dropped from 100 to 50...Who knows why..but I felt like a real weenie at the time.
Would I do it
Ha!! Have another appointment in a week and 1/2.
Am I getting the valium?? I don't know yet.
What would YOU do??
My appointment is early, so i would be druggy most of the day..and i have 2 toddlers that would run circles around me.

Valium or not?? Comments please!! Would love to hear anyones opinions...stories if you have had this treatment done...Did it work??

OH and tonight...PROJECT RUNWAY! I love Kenley, Korto, and Jerell!!
And mostly, I love you Tim Gunn, you make my Wednesdays marvelous!!


Anonymous heather feus said...
I've never had a procedure like yours, but I know I freak out before any kind of test/procedure (nurses are the worst patients). I would take the valium!!!!
And as to Project Runway...I live for Wednesdays!!!! I don't like Kennley's attitude but I would wear her clothes in a heartbeat! And I love Tim!!!! He's the BEST!

Blogger The Birds Nest said...
What happened to you girl?? I'm soo sorry because I know what you're going through. I have had this procedure. No meds. Back when they didn't do the epidurals with x-ray. They just had me sit on a table, bend at the waist, someone held my shoulders steady, needle in {without knowing where they were putting the steriods}, then go about your business. Well...I couldn't walk right for a long time. I think they hit a nerve or a few nerves. Small town Illinois clinic. Need I say more??I say take the valium!! Or take two!!

Anonymous Tim said...
Hey Ashley,

Tim here. Just checking in for the wife to see if the pictures are posted yet.

Valium is a very powerful drug. It's absolutely wonderful, but you're going to be out of it for a good bit.

The tingling isn't good. Especially if it was in the neck. That might mean the disk is coming up too fast and pinching part of your nerves that run down your arm (brachial plexus) or they hit a nerve with the needle or something.

Either way you should try some traction if your back is bothering you. There's some doc-in-a-box places that do traction and inversion tables or you can go to a PT if your insurance covers it, it might be free for like 5 visits or so.