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Tuesday, August 14, 2007
For those that don't do acronyms that is for trash the dress. You can check out the website-

These are great sessions for girls that didn't get the bridal portraits they might have wanted. Or girls that felt a lot of pressure to keep their dress clean- now you can do whatever you want in that thing!!!!

Call me to book a session- we don't have to trash it- per say but we can do whatever you want to do!! I know of some waterfalls and other sexy spots....
Anonymous Anonymous said...
I can't believe how fantastic your photos are! We got caught up in life and I kept "meaning" to leave you a comment. The pics of the kids are beautiful, and I wish I was a bride this year!! Pls get ahold of me at so we can get together. ttyl
Kathy Dotson
p.s. there must be some reason God keeps running us into eachother! bye