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Monday, February 25, 2008

She's got my vote for Little Miss South Carolina....but I am a little biased :)
This is Angel. You can see her on my portrait website. Green Eyes that I love and lips that people pay for!!! I have to say Angel was a really good sport getting thorns all over her pettiskirt- I ended up with a bloody ankle - her mom got hit in the face by my reflector- we were a laughing freezing mess.
Blogger Erin said...
I remember the photos you did of her last year - what a face to remember!! Looks like she made your job easy ;) LOVE that sassy stance she had in your studio with that green shirt!

Anonymous Crystal said...
Ashley, the pics are awesome! We can't thank you enough! Angel has a new edge on her confidence after seeing these shots!!! Thanks for your part in our race for Little Miss South Carolina 2008.