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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Jill oh Jill.
What a day we had.
The day of our session, tornadoes swept through the Pee Dee and left me driving home from McBee soaking wet and being pelted with hail. Her family owns some gorgeous land that we barely got to take advantage of while lighting struck all around us. I thought " I will be darned if I get a bride struck by lightening!!!"
She is fun to say the least!! A day we won't soon forget!
I added the pic below for laughs...This is Erin...a bride (Oct), a friend, and sometimes an assistant. She came along on this shoot- she is an aspiring photographer and just a really great person to have/be around:) She and Jill were about to get soaked in this pic. I wish I could have captured the lighting, bummer!