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Saturday, May 3, 2008

So I wanted to post a picture that I took last night from the beautiful Pack family.
This says summer to me....the girls were singing "Ashley, Ashley we all fall down".. I told them my cousins would sing that jokingly when we played "ring around" when I was little.

I also wanted to post about what I have been up to.
I have been shooting tons of bridal sessions, which I can't post yet. I will post images as everyone gets married off. It is so crazy....watching girls that I have formed quick friendships with, get married. Every weekend is a happy ending!!!

Other than car was broken my driveway. They stole my kid's dvd player. You can steal from me...but you just don't steal from my kids!!! There was a Baby Einstein dvd in there for goodness sake...not to mention a CARSEAT behind e
ach screen. I think that is just rude.

I have 2 weddings this weekend. I am really excited. Both are outdoorsy type weddings. The weather has been gorgeous here lately too!
The first wedding is in Sumter at San Souci Farms and the second is in Fort Mill at the Dairy Barn. (yes Dairy barn...with a silo...and fields...does it get any better????)

As soon as this weekend is over I will post my favorites from these bridal sessions.
Blogger Erin said...
OMG Ashley, I can't believe someone broke into your car!!! Any chance of catching whoever did it? I bet your neighbors are going to be extra paranoid now... Wow, unbelievable what some people will do.

Either way, what a great picture. That would look great on a canvas in my living room ;)

Take care, and have fun at those weddings!!!

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Very Nice picture, Those girls are Beautiful!!! Sorry to hear about your break in.
Elizabeth Pack