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Thursday, July 10, 2008
for the love of......recycling
So you know a little about my obsession with running.
I have another obsession. Recycling.
Yes, it is true.
I live in a neighborhood where NO ONE recycles.
We have SIX bins and TWO paper separation bags.
I separate by slick and matte paper.
We have glass, (2) aluminum- tin and soda cans, plastic (which overflows into more paper bags from the grocery store-that we also recycle), paper, and cardboard.
My one downfall is diapers. I use regular old Target diapers.
That is my huge landfill contribution and I am sorry.
Now today I had a small victory. It is trash day.....ONLY ONE BAG OF TRASH!!
It was all diapers really...and the silver/papery outside of gum wrappers....can't figure out where those go...and popsicle sticks...where the heck do those go?
I have a pile of those on the counter.
So I live past the city limits so we have to bag/bin all of our recycling and drive
it to the recycling center. I am trying to figure out a way to get my neighbors on board to get a program set up. Pray for me;) I think more people would recycle if (like in California and most states) they provide some "regulation" bins and send a truck through to pick the stuff up. Right now it is just easier for everyone to just pitch it in the trash. I don't want my tax dollars going toward any more landfills...
I don't know about you.


Anonymous Anonymous said...
I here ya!! I am all about recycling and hate that other people don't seem to care. I'm a recycling finatic myself. Kudos to you for only having one bag of trash (and with a baby, that's really impressive I might add!) I attended Lizzy and Jonathan's wedding and was looking back at your pics. They are just fabulous and I love the Chicks n Salsa girls. Too cute! -Jena