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Friday, October 10, 2008
Sorry for a late update. I did NOT get the epidural Monday. Maybe it was the prayers?? I don't know. My doc said they (injections) were mainly to relieve the pain/numbness in my left leg. That isn't the part that I am really even concerned with. It is annoying, but the back pain is my main priority. Anyway. I have to call back in 2 weeks and if no relief then I have to see a surgeon. I was prescribed an anti-inflammatory called Voltaren which caused me to have some really bad side effects. Tightness in my chest, bad headaches, light sensitivity, flu I stopped taking that today. I thought I was pregnant for a minute with the symptoms- eek ;)

Today Bill and I are heading to Charleston for the wedding of Sara and Mark. Staying the weekend there. I can't wait. We get to go the Summerville campus of Seacoast- our old church...and we might even "go out" Saturday night. What is going out? ha!! We haven't done that in so seems like a lifetime ago.

So pray for our country and our economy. I don't/won't get political but the debates the other night...ugh. Where's Ross Perot when you need him;) -jk that was for my dad:)

I am about to post a wedding of some dear friends of mine.