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Friday, October 10, 2008
lee + daniel

Lee, Lee, Lee....what a beautiful, funny, thoughtful, and just plain fabulous person. I feel totally HONORED to have been chosen to photograph her wedding, engagement and bridal sesh. I have looked forward to every meeting with her...and you understand why if you have even just spoken with Lee. Daniel is awesome too. He is going to be a wonderful husband I can just tell. You know when you meet people and they are just like home...well these two are home for eachother. I went crazy with blog picks...this wedding was so awesome, so I just picked some of my favorites. Ladies- please don't be mad about some of the reaction photos...this is what I love aboutcha!! You get to see the lovely Mary Dolan too;) She was the author of the infamous Iris article!! Lee- our waitor at Angels (awesome mexican food) said in very broken English- "HEY you are Ashley B"! He ran back and grabbed the article and held the pic of me next to my face. I felt famous for a brief sec!! Thanks again Mary!!!

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