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Sunday, October 5, 2008
Tomorrow is round two.
Epidural injection #2.
I should be "getting some sleep" but I am just too jittery about it.
I didn't get the valium. Not because I decided not too, but because I FORGOT!!
I know, can you believe it. I totally lost track of the week and then it was Saturday... office closed. So I am just going in there and doing it.
I just keep telling myself it is only going to be 5 minutes long...
What does Justin T. say...4 min to save the world!!
Ha! That one is for my beautiful and hilarious bridal party from yesterday.
You guys made my day. I hope I finished the formals in 7 min or less like you asked me too. Demetra and John...have fun in Jamaica you lucky, sexy newlyweds you!!!