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Tuesday, November 11, 2008
WHERE IS THAT photo chick??
An update on what's new.

1. Betsy turned 2 yesterday.
2. We had family pics taken Saturday by the gorgeous, gracious, talented, beautiful...okay okay...Miss Stacy P.
I will post some when I get another sec.
3. Been shooting a ton of bridal sessions, so no it is not the slow time of year...I just can't show any of these gorgeous ladies off yet. I am bad at keeping secrets, but this is a Southern tradition that I will not break;)
4. Working my butt off on albums. Trying to get these things wrapped up quickly, but thoroughly :)
5. Reading "the Shack"...eeeeekkk!!! What a great book. This book has opened my eyes and my relationship with you know- whoey!! I feel alive spiritually again. You know we all go through dry spells... In church last Sunday the pastor (Mack Lake) spoke about his first date being such a disaster...I think he even bumped teeth with his date ;)
Well at our small group this week we were talking about the message and I thought...we sometimes bump teeth with Jesus (metaphorically speaking of course).
hope you found that amusing and not husband just said "that's really weird" I might even go back and erase that part?!?
6. I am seeing a neurosurgeon this week...see what he says about the old back sitch. (situation)
7. We went on a date Sunday and saw "Little Shop of Horrors" at the Town Theater. Boy was that good. Bill and I are suckers for musical big time.

Tomorrow is a big day for me and Lizzy...I will post more later!