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Tuesday, February 10, 2009
the haps with the bros
So here is what has been going on.
I don't always put everything personal on here because I don't want it to affect my client's opinion of how I may or may not handle their sessions. I know that sounds funny, but I don't want people to know I have a back injury or that I am pregnant unless they just know or we talk about it. I am a fighter and a very passionate photographer. My personal stuff is just that...personal. I will get through this back junk and I have been pregnant twice before and shot up to the time they were born and 2 weeks after. Not to say I am unhealthy or work too hard (hee hee)...I know what I can handle and am lucky enough to not have a busy July and August...and have a suuuuuuuper husband that carries his weight and some of mine at times. He is awesome and without him this ship would sink, for sure.
So that being said. I had an epidural injection in my lower spine Monday. Although painful I am confident that this will help make things more comfortable for the next few months. Dr. Warrick and his staff were awesome.
~I am now in my 2nd trimester!!!! I was hoping I would wake up and I would feel like I did 13 weeks ago. ha! This is not a magic day, just a passing of the first 3 months that were less than perfect this go around.
hmmmmm what else is new.
~We sold our truck yesterday!!!! It had "sold" on ebay to a fake bidder and we had some trouble selling, but we were blessed with a buyer from Columbia yesterday who got a great truck at a great deal. Hello cheaper insurance and one less car payment!!
~I shot an awesome esesh yesterday for Michelle and Ted. We had beautiful weather and conversation. I wish I could shoot their wedding, but am already booked. I really adore them.
~Take your last look at my current website!! The new one is coming very soon!!!!
~Me and Billy's celebrated our 5th anniversary Friday. We had a scrumptious dinner at Solstice in Columbia. It was too fabulous for words actually. Too bad we have to drive an hour to get such an awesome meal. Look me up on facebook and you can watch a video I made for recap the last 6 years. It is about 9 min long so if you have that kind of time and you don't mind knowing the ins and outs of my family, you might enjoy this. Here are some family pics for ya cause a post without pics is worthless ;)

Anonymous Anonymous said...
How Adorable Ashley, And Congratulations on your New Expected Little one! How Special!
I Can't believe number 3 for you.
We have moved to 300 Lakewood DR last week really like the new place.
We have to get together sometime so you can tell me how you sold your Truck, We have tried to sell on ebay and have had people trying to fraud us as well.
Hope you feel better soon!!