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Friday, February 20, 2009
Krissy & Trae

Krissy, Trae, and I met in Charleston for what turned out to be a crazy weather day. Is this just my I bring the clouds and rain? I try to work it out no matter what the weather does...but poor Krissy had some goosebumps (and we got wet) during the shoot...but you would never know if I didn't tell you.
I am so blessed to work with such awesome couples, and they are no exception. This wedding is going to be awesome...and there is a bonus. Krissy and Trae have chosen to do another engagement session!!! I am also super excited to shoot Krissy's bridal session. I can't say it enough how important these both can be. Everyone gets to know each other, we get to laugh, you get to feel sexy together and we get to have a little date of sorts together. For the bridal sessions it is a trial run for hair and make-up and just a fun day for anyone that comes. By the time the wedding comes around everyone is like "oh that's just Ashley"...and that is the way that I love it!
Krissy and Trae were the hardest interviewers yet (when they hired me), and I love that! They did their homework and knew what they wanted in a photographer. Pictures are very important to them and I can't wait to spend another Saturday with them!! You guys make me love this job even more, I just want to squeeze you guys!!!
Blogger Ruby Rideout said...
hi ashley! first time on your blog.

i saw your name on my friends list on FB and decided to drop by your blog.

wonderful stuff!! i love this post and am really digging the post processing you did!